Gen:isis "A Revolution in Engines":

Sound edit and sound design:
Matthew Wilcock, for Zelig Sound
Audio Post-production: Zelig Sound, London.

Music credits:
Matthew Wilcock - "Hold Up Yessum" (edit)
Written by Matthew Wilcock
Published by "It Sounds Pretty Nice Yeah"
(P) MJAW 2012

Directed by: Annis Naeem
Written, Produced, Animated, Illustrated, Designed, Edited by: Annis Naeem

"An animation sequence of a futuristic engine revving up, with the space-ship preparing to launch. The start-sequence has been initiated and we follow what happens inside the engine. 

I wanted to do a somewhat futuristic version of some of the various car-commercials we see today in which the camera is taken inside the mechanical bits and pieces to show the coolness of the car. This is my interpretation of the future space-ship, taking you through the various chambers."