Beautiful piano score. Subtle detailed emotive sound. The score was written out by hand then practised and played by Aleah Morrison adjusting the tempo of the playing to work with the flow of the edit and the narrative.

Impressionist sound design, recorded and sculpted to heighten the slow motion, floating, ethereal mood and pace. Subtle rounded bass and higher frequency content working well no matter where you listen. Notice the thunderstorm in the cafetiere and the swells of rain recordings in the shower scene.

Music and Sound Design: Zelig Sound
Original Score: Aleah Morrison
Sound Design / Dub: Matthew Wilcock


Production: – FOUND
Creative Director: – Mike Sharpe @ FOUND
Concept: – Mike Sharpe / Marcus Moresby @ FOUND
Producer: – Sue Dhaliwal @ FOUND
DOP: – Nick Bennett
Creative: – Guy Soulsby
Director: – Guy Soulsby
Agency: – BBHZAG

Philip Stein is a luxury watch brand who are committed to create products that enables you to living in tune with the natural world. The look and feel of the film is reminiscent to the work of Terrance Malick, taking cues from his use of abstract imagery, the meaning of life and the question of humanity connection to nature. The brand was Oprah Winfrey’s favourite product last year due to its unique holistic technology and diamond incrusted watch designs. The spot was filmed all over Germany in some amazing places that included remote woodlands, secluded beaches, a beekeepers that was populate by over a million bees as well as a modern art deco home. The spot has been filmed on anamorphic lenses to create a cinematic look, with post finished at ENVY, MPC and FOUND.