Smashhits - Rebrand 2013 - Ident 1: Fireball to Nail Varnish

We were approached by Channel 4 / Box TV to create the sound design for the Smash Hits Channel rebrand idents 2013. We were very excited about the sound potential on seeing the images.

We used many unconventional sounds o build the texture and sync points avoiding direct sound associations and semiotics. We recorded many sounds in the studio manipulating them in many different ways, with intuitive interfaces, drawing sounds and controlling different processing and effects in real time. 

Recordings: Piano scrapes, bowed piano strings, magnets, ice, dry ice, wood break, hits, pings, thunder sheets, bowed metal, water, custom sound design programmes and processing.

Smashhits - Rebrand 2013 - Ident 2: Water to Foil Balloon

Smashhits - Rebrand 2013 - Ident 3: Iceberg to Jelly

Smashhits - MAKING OF - Sound Layers breakdown - Ident 2: Water to Foil Balloon