Sound Design Session Examples / Experiments Insight:

Exploring custom sounds. We regularly design new sounds in search for something unique and interesting and for individual projects. There is never enough time to post examples of everything we do, there would multiple posts a week and we prefer to spend that time on making great music and sound! If you would like to see some more interesting sounds we welcome potential collaborators to the studio. There are some interesting things to see and especially hear! Get in touch. 

Processed using custom patches / processes chains. 

Source: engine noises, glass smashes, metal hits / swipes. 

Great material for machine / fast vehicle passes, stylized fights, motion graphics, sci-fi, things that fly. Lots of potential for great sounds. Sounds from this session have been used in quite a few projects.  This is only a small sample from the resulting library of sounds.

Processed using custom patches / processes chains. 

Source: Wood cracks, synthesis, audio processing tools.

Interesting synthetic organic sounds, glitches, pulses. A small samples of the whole session.


posted in December 2011